The audience's understanding of this drama movie- A Chorus Line

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"AChorus Line" is a 1985 American musical, and drama movie directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Michael Douglas, Michael Blevins, and Sharon Brown.

"AChorus Line" is a 1985 American musical, and drama movie directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Michael Douglas, Michael Blevins, and Sharon Brown.
"AChorusLine," tells the drama movie story of a highly demanding Director casting for a new play, attracting a large number of dance forest masters to Audition, and finally screening a dozen elites, who are ready to display all one's artistic hocus-pocus and win a few acting seats.
A Chorus Line is known as a landmark Broadway musical drama movie. It was first performed in 1975, initially on Off-Broadway, and moved to Broadway a few months later. For a period of time, it kept the record of the longest Broadway performance and closed on Broadway in 1990. It is adapted from the real conversation records of a group of dancers, perhaps because of its portrayal of the dancers' true emotions, it has moved so many people, especially the actors, who will feel connected to their own hearts after watching it.
The drama movie tells the story of an audition, where Zack (played by Michael Douglas), a famous and very experienced and strict musical director, selects a strong and powerful singing and dancing team for his new work, and the dancers who participate in the selection crowd the streets. The competition was fierce, and soon more than half of the people were eliminated in the first round. Everyone sang with anxiety: God I hope I get it, I hope I get it, I really need this job, please God I need this job. After the second round, there were only sixteen people left, including childish boys and girls, experienced players who have been struggling on stage for many years, newlyweds, and fathers who bear the burden of the family. When they thought they had already passed the selection and were immersed in excitement, Zack told them there was still a final round of screening. He asked everyone to tell about their life and dance career so that he could understand what kind of people they were and who met their needs. Sixteen people stood in a row and began to tell their secrets one by one, their growth, memories, glory, and sadness, although they began to hesitate.
Zack's old lover, dancer Casey, left him for Hollywood a long time ago, but her career did not develop very well. She came back hoping to get this job. And Zack still harbored a grudge against her departure and coldly refused her until she strongly demanded to participate in the selection with others. He reluctantly agreed to let her try (Music and the Mirror -- let me dance for You, let me try). During the audition for the theme song "One," Zack thought that Cassie's performance was too special, disrupting the uniformity of the entire team. Cassie confided to him that she was willing to leave him because of love, She hopes to gain his attention (what I did for love -- won't forget, can't register what I did for love). Actor Paul injured his knee while performing a tap and was taken to the hospital. Zack asked the others, 'What if one day you had to stop dancing?'? Everyone expresses their love for dance, and even if they cannot become famous, it is still worth being a member of the Chorus. The final drama movie selection arrived, leaving only eight of the sixteen. The eliminated ones bid farewell with regret, and the movie ended with the theme song "One" performed by all the actors.
The stage has come to an end, the director and Kath have finally found their love that was lost a long time ago in the drama movie; 16 people continue to move forward for their dreams, eagerly embracing this opportunity or relentlessly looking for the next one... My life will continue, but at this moment, I suddenly felt an unprecedented power filling my life, constantly working hard, constantly fighting, for one, the original dream.