Electric Power Steering Market Share, Size, Future Demand, and Emerging Trends

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Automotive industry is evolving like anything, and so are different technologies.

Electric power steering is quite a common phenomenon in today’s cars. Previously, there was only hydraulic power steering.

Though, the advent of electric power steering has replaced the conventional hydraulic steering systems since providing better safety features. The electric power steering sensors is an important technology for allowing automated driving. EPS can be equipped with all vehicle variants from small, sports cars to even LCVs. The main role of the EPS sensor is controlling and assisting the steering and providing a good steering feel to the driver.

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What if EPS Sensor is Not Working in the Middle of a Drive?

When the time is not by your side, you might face a situation when the sensor has failed in the middle of the road, leaving you to wonder about what to do next.

This can often be left unnoticed by the drivers and this is the case, mostly in the absence of an error display. But it is not that the exact condition of this sensor can’t be noticed, it can be tested, if you follow these following steps

• Switching the engine off and turning the wheel

• And then, switch on the engine and then again turn the steering.

This test can give an idea about the condition of the electric power steering. If there is any issue with the same, some severe road accidents might just be waiting in the sheds, as it is combined with steering, control unit, speedometer, etc.

Thus, right diagnosis of the electric power steering is needed by every driver, at regular intervals.

With technical advancements, driving ahs become a pleasurable thing for people, and this is the main reason why there is an increasing demand for electric power steering, all over the world.