pvc manual resuscitator supplier management system

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1. Drug storage requirements: The drug procurement and supply Department of the Department of Pharmacy is divided into room temperature storage, cool storage, cold storage, special drug storage and dangerous goods storage. All purchased drugs must be carefully inspected, and precious, toxic, hemp and cold chain drugs must be inspected along with them. After acceptance, they shall be stored in accordance with the storage requirements of the instructions, and then released from the drug warehouse.

Second, special management: The pvc manual resuscitator supplier is designated by the Department of Pharmacy to manage the drug library.

Third, the custodian of the drug warehouse shall keep the drug, and the account shall be consistent and the quality shall be intact. Including warehousing acceptance, warehousing approval, regular inspection of drug validity and quality, maintenance, etc., to ensure that the drugs in the warehouse do not deteriorate and do not expire.

Iv. When accepting and entering the warehouse, if the physical object is found to be different from the name, specification, quantity, batch number, production date, expiration date and manufacturer contained in the original document, it should be verified and corrected according to the situation or refuse to sign the warehouse.

5. Acceptance personnel: responsible for the inspection of the name, specification and quality of the drug, and if necessary, send it to the superior department for quality inspection; After passing the acceptance, the acceptance personnel will sign and the accounting will be recorded.

6. Storage time limit: The purchased drugs are generally completed on the same day.

7. Storage management requirements

1. Color code management

In order to effectively control the storage quality of drugs, according to the storage requirements of drug instructions, drugs should be stored in normal temperature storage, cool storage and refrigerated storage, and managed in different areas. In order to eliminate storage errors of inventory drugs, it is necessary to carry out color management of drugs in storage, such as: seeming, sounding, multi-regulation, high-risk drugs, class II psychotropic drugs, narcotic drugs and medical toxic drugs.

According to the actual needs of warehouse management, the unified standard for the color code division of the warehouse management area is: the qualified drug area is green; The drug area to be tested is yellow; The returned drug area and unqualified drug warehouse (or area) are red

2. Handling and stacking requirements

The requirements of the pictorial marks on the outer packaging of the drug should be strictly observed and the operation should be standardized. Pressure resistant drugs should control the stacking height to prevent extrusion deformation of the packaging box. Drugs should be relatively concentrated according to the variety, batch number, and separate stacking, different varieties or different batches of drugs of the same variety shall not be mixed, to prevent the occurrence of misdistribution and mixing accidents.

pvc manual resuscitator supplier https://www.nblukemed.com/First_Aid/PVC_Manual_Resuscitator.html