Shredder Truck Fire Causes $2,000 in Damage

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In a recent incident that took place in Centralia City, firemen responded to a blazing shredder truck owned by Citi Shred

In a recent incident that took place in Centralia City, firemen responded to a blazing shredder truck owned by Citi Shred, LLC. According to reports, the truck was traveling along the 300 block of South Poplar when the driver noticed the rear of the vehicle engulfed in flames. After a swift response from the Centralia fire department, it was determined that the fire was ignited by a vape pin.

The Unfortunate Fire Incident

The alarming incident occurred on a Thursday morning at 9:41 am. Fortunately, the fire did not extend beyond the back of the truck, sparing the passenger and engine compartments from harm. However, the contents of the shredder truck, along with some of the equipment, were severely damaged. Preliminary estimates suggest that the cost of repairing the shredded items and the truck itself is estimated to be around $2,000.

Investigating the Cause

Upon further investigation, Centralia firemen found evidence that points to a vape pin as the possible ignition source. While the exact sequence of events leading to the fire is yet to be fully determined, it serves as a reminder of the importance of handling and disposing of such items responsibly.

A Cautionary Tale: Fire Safety and Prevention

The incident with the shredder truck emphasizes the significance of fire safety measures in various settings. It also raises awareness of the potential risks associated with improper disposal of certain items. Whether it's at home, in the workplace, or on the road, fire safety practices should never be overlooked.

Importance of Proper Disposal

Proper disposal of waste, especially items that are potentially hazardous, is crucial to prevent accidents like the one witnessed in Centralia City. Whether it's a vape pin, batteries, or other flammable materials, ensuring they are discarded in a safe and responsible manner can save lives and property.

Fire Prevention Tips

In every setting, there are essential fire prevention tips that everyone should follow. These include:

1. Regular Equipment Inspection

Make it a habit to inspect vehicles, machinery, and equipment for any signs of wear and tear that may pose a fire risk. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent potential disasters.

2. No Smoking Zones

Clearly mark and enforce no-smoking zones, especially in areas where flammable materials are present. Strict adherence to no-smoking policies can significantly reduce fire hazards.

3. Proper Handling of Flammable Items

Educate employees, drivers, and individuals on the safe handling and storage of flammable materials. Knowledge about the proper procedures can make a significant difference in preventing fires.

The Heroic Efforts of Centralia Firemen

In times of emergencies, our brave firemen are the ones who respond swiftly to save lives and property. Their expertise and courage are invaluable assets to the community. Their prompt response to the shredder truck fire prevented a potentially more significant disaster.


The shredder truck fire in Centralia City serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of fire safety and prevention. It also highlights the responsibility we all bear in disposing of potentially hazardous items properly. By adhering to fire safety practices and being vigilant, we can collectively minimize the risks of such incidents and protect our communities.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How did the fire start in the shredder truck?

Centralia firemen believe that the fire was set off by a vape pin found in the back of the truck.

2. Did the fire spread to the rest of the truck?

Thankfully, the fire was contained to the back of the truck and did not reach the passenger or engine compartments.

3. Was anyone injured in the incident?

No injuries were reported in the shredder truck fire.

4. What was the estimated cost of damage?

The damage to the shredded items and the truck itself was estimated to be around $2,000.

5. How can I prevent similar incidents?

Properly disposing of flammable items and following fire safety guidelines can help prevent such incidents in the future.