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"The "cure" for America's demonstrative woes of physical and moral decline is that we 'have to' avoid despair and realize that so much madness can be eliminated by just "electing the right leaders who love America".
"And", to remember that the Democrats have ONLY ONE ABSOLUTE FINAL GOAL!
And that is to have "their version" of a Socialist nation with "them" having total and absolute "control" over "YOUR MONEY, THEIR POWER, AND YOUR ENTIRE LIFE"!
With "your life" depending on "IF" they decide to "let you BE BORN" with "free abortions available to all, to the time of your death, which they will control "how and when" you die!
And all that will be "controlled" by "their" AI (Artificial Intelligence)!
And all of this "will be" in line with the global elitists NWO.
And you CAN "believe it OR not"!