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Pedophilia rates are also MUCH higher among educators but oddly our lapdog media seem strangely incurious about that?
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@Caudill @doug_galecawitz Yep, it's a favorite tactic of the MSM, taking a rare case and blowing it up into a giant affair. The George Floyd thing was one example, which had blacks convinced that they're being systematically "hunted in the streets by racist white cops" by the tens of thousands yearly (in fact, it's fewer than 20 unarmed blacks killed per year by cops).

Hollywood loves to use this method against Christians. If a character in a movie is shown explicitly as a Christian, he's also dressed weird, misanthropic, maladjusted, creepy, annoying, etc., and lacks any sympathetic or endearing qualities. The stereotype of Catholic priests as pedophiles is especially nasty, and mainly rooted in movies. Crime data show that pedophilia in jewish clergy circles is way more frequent than among Catholic... yet, "somehow", the stereotype in general society is associated with Catholics, not jews.
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