The man who almost killed Hitler.

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Wondering what he did?
Well, while staying in the Nazi Army, he plotted a conspiracy that he named “Secret Germany”.

The man who almost killed Hitler.

Meet Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, one of Germany's brilliant soldiers.

Wondering what he did??
Well, while staying in the Nazi Army, he plotted a conspiracy which he named “Secret Germany”.

Because he was disgusted by the Nazis and their way of treatment to the civilians, soldiers or prisoners, be it in Poland (1939) or France (1940) or against Soviet Union (now Russia).

Be it Hitler's incompetent interference in campaign or his stubborn refusal to allow exhausted troops in impossible conditions to surrender, he was sickened by all of it.

So, what was the plan??
The plan was to assassinate Adolf Hitler and use Operation Valkyrie to arrest all Nazi leaders and their supporters.

Now, what was this Operation Valkyrie??
This was a strategy set up by the Nazis as a precaution against any uprising in Germany against them. Stauffenberg intended to use this operation against the Nazis.

So, what happened??
Long story short, Stauffenberg got himself established as Chief of Staff in Home Army and as part of his duties, he attended conferences with the German leader.

So, it was decided that a bomb would be planted which will blow after 10 minutes after its activation.

He got two opportunities on July 11th and 15th but couldn't carry it out due to some reasons.

The plan was finally going to be carried out on 20th of July, 1944.

The conference was scheduled at 12:30 pm. At around 12:15 pm, Stauffenberg requested permission to go and change his shirt which seemed an perfect excuse on a very hot day.

But then came two major shocks against the plan-

Before they could activate the 2nd bomb, they were summoned.
The conference was held in a wooden hut whereas they had expected it to be held in an underground bunker where the force of explosion would have been much much more destructive.

Now, Stauffenberg, placing himself on the right of Hitler, shoved his briefcase (containing the activated bomb) under the table and then made an excuse (urgent phone call to Berlin) to leave the conference.

Now, an officer named Brandt, to have a better look on the map (which was being shown, related to the war in Russia), leaned over and his foot caught on the heavy briefcase, which he moved to the opposite side of the heavy, wooden support. After an instant, the bomb exploded.

So, Hitler was saved and the entire operation failed.

Thousands, including Stauffenberg, of course, were arrested and executed, reason being their connection with this conspiracy.

My tributes to the brave man.. RIP.

This event was the basis of the film “Valkyrie”, released in 2008, starring Tom Cruise as Stauffenberg.

All data and dates taken from Chapter “Stauffenberg's Secret Germany” in the book “True Stories of Heroes” by Paul Dowswell.

It must be noted that this plot was not spawned until it was a fact that the war was lost until then all the German Army commanders fully supported the war.