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Use nothing from Meta/FB. No matter what they tell you, tey are still stealing/using/selling your data.

The short version is that Facebook uses much of your WhatsApp activity — though not your messages themselves — to target you with ads. The company also knows who you send messages to and when, which is pretty scary considering that nobody at Facebook seems to know what they’re doing with all that data(new window).


Is WhatsApp safe for sending private photos? | Proton

Is WhatsApp safe for sending private photos? | Proton

Is WhatsApp safe for sending private photos? We go over everything you need to know before using this popular messaging app.

Mint reinstalled


Anyone looking for privacy oriented phones, Unplugged is starting shipping soon.

First 500 were spoken for, but they have another shipment coming in soon.

No gogle, no crapple, just pure phone.




UP Phone State-of-the-art Operating System developed for data privacy and security. Pre-Order Today Learn more UP Suite Stay in control of your information. The

Going to try this out in the morning.

#1 pick on distrowatch for over a year now. XFCE should help on my laptop, I hope


MX Linux  Midweight Simple Stable Desktop OS

MX Linux Midweight Simple Stable Desktop OS

Since I haven't been able to figure out why Mint keeps overheating and locking up my machine, I have decided to try some other distro's.

Running PopOS right now. A little different, but seems good so far. Different, so a bit of a learning curve, not bad at all.


Pop!_OS by System76

Imagine an OS for the software developer, maker and computer science professional who uses their computer as a tool to discover and create. Welcome to Pop!_OS.

Group to discuss/share info about Linux OS\s, and programs etc. Also want to hit on alternative versions of Android. I\m currently running GrapheneOS on my Pixel 4a.